Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and also its largest city is located on its own island with the beautiful Persian Gulf as a backdrop with its crystal clear turquoise waters. Its intriguing mix of Bedouin nomadic traditions and Islamist cultures gives the visitor an unforgettable memory.
The beautiful desert landscape of Al Gharbia is the backdrop for an adventurous experience where some of the region’s endangered wildlife such as the Arabian onyx and many other species of birds can be seen during a desert safari with 4-wheel drives. Alternatively cruise around the coast of the Persian Gulf with its varied marine life and haven for divers, snorkelers and sailors alike.
Abu Dhabi is a shopper’s delight where carpets, tapestries, jewelry, handicrafts mixed with designer labels can be found in the souks or in one of the many shopping malls surrounded by the welcoming  Middle Eastern flavours.
Al Ain – a UNESCO World Heritage Site - set among the lush oases and towering palm plantations exudes history, culture and nature with its fascinating museums, restored forts and palaces, souks and archeological sites dating back to the Stone Age give the discerning visitor a cultural experience of the emirate character.
This wealthy region is a rewarding holiday destination with reliable warm weather all year around where the locals make you feel at home.


Dine Around - Terms and Conditions - Abu Dhabi

The Dine Around concept gives you the opportunity and flexibility to enjoy your meal in a number of hotels which have been carefully chosen especially for you for their quality and location. This guide will give you a brief description of each establishment with the opening times and addresses. Please remember to reserve your table in advance according to the conditions listed. The maps indicate the locations of the hotels with the arrow.  Always carry your Dine Around Card with you since this will be your ticket to your dining experience in Abu Dhabi.

1.    ALL clients have to reserve their table in the Hotel Restaurant no later than 12.00 the same day. We suggest you reserve your table at the restaurant of your choice the evening before.
2.    Please present your Dine Around Card with its QR Barcode upon arrival in the Hotel restaurant of your choice. Your Colour Code is indicated on your Dine Around Card.
3.    When visiting Hotel Restaurants in a higher colour category than is indicated on your card, a supplement has to be paid by adults in Emirati Dirham (AED)  in cash directly to the Hotel Restaurant. Kindly refer to the Hotel Supplement Table at the back of the booklet.  Children are not required to pay any supplements when visiting Hotel Restaurants, provided they are accompanied by an adult.
4.    Dress Code: Unless otherwise stated minimum dress code is smart/casual. (No bathing suits or shorts allowed).
5.    The credits are valid for either Lunch or Dinner as long as the same are served in any establishment. Please check opening times of each establishment. Only one credit per person per day can be used.
6.    The information given in this booklet is accurate at the time of going to press. Verify the information again when reserving your table.